Review Policy

Welcome to Bookish Delights, where I share my honest and personal opinions on a diverse range of books.

1. Review Philosophy: At Bookish Delights, the reviews are personal reflections on my reading experience. I believe in expressing my genuine opinions about the books I read, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. My main question when reviewing a book is: did the author achieve what they set out to do? However, I also take into account my personal enjoyment.

2. Genres of Interest: I mainly read and review the following genres: literary fiction, romance, fantasy romance and fantasy. However, I will sometimes read other genres such as thrillers, mysteries, YA, short stories, poetry, dark romance, and more. The genres I\’m not at all interested in are non fiction, historical fiction and biographies.

3. What We Look For: I prioritize engaging storytelling, well-developed characters, and writing that captivates my attention. While I appreciate different writing styles, I\’m particularly drawn to books that leave a lasting impact, evoke emotions, or offer unique perspectives.

4. Submission Guidelines: If you would like me to consider your book for review, please send an email to Include the book title, author, genre, and a brief synopsis. I accept both physical copies and e-books. Before you submit your book, however, please look through some of my latest posts to see if I\’m the best fit for you. I will not review your book if I don\’t like it, or give it a bad rating, but this would save us both some time. The same guidelines apply to ARC submissions. I do accept ARCs, but do not actively pursue them.

5. Rating System: I have a subjective rating system to convey my overall impression of a book. I don\’t normally rate books with stars on this blog, but in case that happens, here\’s how I do it:

  • 5 Stars: The author achieved what they intended and I enjoyed the book very much.
  • 4 Stars: The author achieved what they intended, and I somewhat enjoyed the book, but it\’s not my favorite, and there might be some small issues.
  • 3 Stars: The author achieved what they intended, but my overall enjoyment was non existent and there are several issues with the book.
  • 2 Stars: The author did not achieve what they intended and there are many issues with this book.
  • 1 Star: The author did not achieve what they intended, I didn\’t enjoy the book and have some serious problems with it.
  • DNF: I did not finish this book, for whatever reason (boredom, bad writing, bad plot, book doesn\’t suit my tastes, etc.). I will give a rating to the part I did read, however.

6. Author/Publisher Involvement: I will disclose it if a book review has been written on a request from the author or publisher. I will also disclose if a book was a gift from the author or the publisher. My review, however, will remain honest and gifts do not guarantee a positive review.

7. Negative Reviews: Please note that me rating a book low or giving it a bad review does not ultimately mean that the book is bad. I am not attacking anyone\’s personal tastes, or the author themselves. My reviews are simply my opinion on the book I read, nothing more.