Stephanie Garber's new book reveal countdown

Stephanie Garber’s Book Reveal Countdown (and Book Reveal)

A Third (Hopefully Final) Update

Fans speculated whether Stephanie Garber’s new book will be in the Caraval universe (or not), whether it will be her first adult release, or maybe something else. Theories ranged from it being a story about the Valors, Eva and Jacks novella (or A Curse for True Love part two), a story about Aurora and Apollo (not a fan favorite), to a Lala and Chaos story. 

As you can read below, the countdown to the book reveal was inspired by Stephanie Meyer, and started more than 55 days ago. Fans have been eagerly waiting to hear what their favorite author will release next. 

And now it’s here! 

Stephanie Garber’s new book (coming out in 2024) is Spectacular, an illustrated Caraval holiday novella.

This is not quite what the readers expected (and perhaps a tad too late for the holidays), but people who love the world of Caraval will probably be excited. It would be good if it had more of Eva and Jacks, since fans were so disappointed with that rushed ACTFL ending.

But, according to the early Instagram comments I’ve seen, the fans seem generally excited about this release, especially about the return of characters like Tella and Legend.

A quick correction from me as well: this book will be released on October 22, 2024, which means that it will be right on time for holidays (of this year).

Spectacular will be illustrated by Rosiethorns88, who truly makes amazing art, and has created some of the most beautiful character art for both Once Upon a Broken Heart series, and other books.

Update: Countdown Closed

I expected that, once the clock went down to zero, a book cover or some sort of information will appear. However, none of that happened. The clock went to minus one day (?) and some hours, and then nothing. 

It was a bit disappointing, I have to admit. I went to the author’s Instagram page and found nothing, then the publisher’s page where I also found nothing. It was confusing, to say the least. 

Finally, I signed up for the newsletter (which was at the bottom of the countdown page), and now I’m waiting. Maybe readers were supposed to sign up for the newsletter this whole time? Or was there a technical issue that prevented the book from being revealed.

Well, either way, I’m keeping an eye on the situation and will update as soon as there’s more info!

A few minutes later… Well, now the countdown says 18-something minutes, so let’s see what happens.

Countdown Begins

After the success of her Once Upon a Broken Heart series (concluded, possibly, with A Curse for True Love), Stephanie Garber announced that there’s a new book coming out in 2024. This happened at Yallfest, a festival dedicated to YA and its authors, on November 10th.

At the same time, her publisher set up a countdown (which you can see here) to the reveal of her new book. The only thing that is known for sure is that it’s written and will be released sometime in 2024, but there’s little else.

In an interview with Katie O’Connor for the Audible Blog, Stephanie Garber has said this:

I think this might sound silly, but (laughs) my whole social media strategy was influenced by my love of Stephenie Meyer.

So I remember reading the Twilight books and checking her website every day. And I remember her countdown to the fourth book. She would post a quote. It was like a hundred days before, and she would post a quote every day. And I remember checking, and my sister would check and my friends would check. And sometimes, we would analyze the quotes. And I just remember it being so fun.
And so, I try to think about that a lot in what I’m posting, like, “How can I make this fun for readers?” But then I also give myself times … once this book comes out, shortly after, I’m going to be disappearing for a while, because I’m not great at focusing on social media and writing the book.

Stephanie Garber

Read the full interview here.

She wasn’t able to say whether the book would be a part of a series or a standalone, mostly because she isn’t sure herself. Garber mentioned that she felt the same when she started the Once Upon a Broken Heart series and that she’s never sure what a book turn into.

She also wasn’t able to disclose whether this new release will be set in the world of Caraval and the Magnificent North. However, many readers speculate that it will be.

So, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for more info!

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